Saturday, July 03, 2010

Today was my old Northwood High group's annual 4th of July get-together. Not everyone went because it was also Anime Expo, but a few of the buddies showed up. These are the kabobs I made. Took forever to cook since we didn't have the proper materials. Pineapple (fresh), chicken, sweet onion & bell peppers... cost me about 5 dollars, lol.

It's been a 4 full years since we graduated, and that means I've known them for about 8 years. Where are they now?

Ashley - graduated from UCI, econ? Going to China in a few weeks for a 6 month long language immersion program. Working part-time at an optometrist.

Nicole - graduated from UCLA, some kind of polisci. Attending Loyola Mm Law school in LA.

Jessica - graduated from UCI. Going to John Hopkins for pharmacology.

Annie - graduating from UCLA with a math degree.

Michelle - graduated from UCI, already enrolled in an MBA  program there. TAs.

Eunice - graduated from UCI. Working in an office for a doctor.

Andrew - graduating from UCSD, psych. Working for a company who is using facebook for promotions.

Jonathan - graduating from UCLA.

Chris C - graduated from Carnegie Mellon, design.

Chris N - graduated from Stanford, science, going to be a doctor (UCI med school?)

Chris V - going to CS Sac.

Ronald - not sure :[

Eugene - not sure... going to a 4 year uni I think.

&we have Justina, graduating from UCR, English degree, applying for a teacher credential program next fall (or maybe not).

I wonder where we'll be in another 4 years.

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Hyperlio said...

Don't forget, in ten years, you're hosting the July 4th bbq. And remember to bring coals.