Friday, August 06, 2010

Attempted to make Lawry's creamed spinach. I actually really liked it, except that I put in too much flour. Next time I will mince the leaves more, put in more bacon, and put in less corn. I'll also give it more time to cook over the heat so the "cream" is .. creamier.

Today was exhausting.

9:00am: Wake up, shower, do makeup, eat, pack.
10:20am: Head to Riverside.
11:30am: Arrive at Riverside, drive to the library to print resume, drive to interview.
12:10pm: Interview.
12:40: Arrive back at AT, eat pho with Yanbo.
2:30: Head out to see house 1.
3:50: Leave house 1, get gas, see house 2. See house 2, leave.
4:00: Arrive back at AT, cuddle w/Yanbo. Hang up his clothes and get his work outfit ready when he showers. Thinks about mending blanket when I come back.
5:00 Drop Yanbo off at work.
5:20 Arrive home, take out both dogs to pee/poop.
5:30: Fill out Yanbo's rebate and mail it off.
5:40: Discover library is closed, drive back to AT.
6:00: Go out to Fedex print Yanbo's stuff
6:30: Go to Ralphs and buy groceries
7:00 Go home and clean (wash dishes, clean counters, etc). Begin cooking.
8:30 Finish cooking, finish cleaning. Yanbo's dinner is ready<3 Clean out fridge, throw out trash, and have his dinner warm&ready for him when he's home.
8:40 Arrive at BB to say goodbye to Yanbo, inform him of dinner. Drive back to Irvine.
9:30 Relax at home. Yay.

Dinner is always so happy to see me. Like... crazy hyper... bouncing off walls... haha. I love him.

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