Monday, August 09, 2010

When I found this book, my heart flipped.

I opened it, and I found the following:
November 2001.. in my handwriting.
But if you flip to the back, you'll see in gorgeous handwriting.. "For: Justina."

Two simple words, and two years of memories to go along with it.

He was my first love. My first boyfriend. Roger, a sweet, kind, little emotional (just a little) sweetheart.

We were at the book fair, and I read a little of this book. It was time to go... and I didn't finish reading, but I -really- wanted it.. but I think at that time I had no money or whatever. So I was like, whatever.

At the end of the day, Roger came up to me, and handed me the book. He told me that he noticed how much I loved it, and so he bought it for me.

We were 13? Young love. First love. He'll always be special to me.

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