Saturday, September 18, 2010

First time I was ever in the ER. Basically, woke up nauseated. Got ready for work anyway. Vomited. Called the office, no response, decided to drive to work to let them know I wasn't going to make it. Never even made it.. pulled over vomiting like crazy & had to have Yanbo call a friend to come get my car and me. Threw up/slept for the next 8 hours.. woke up vomitting like crazy again around 2am... got driven to the ER by Yanbo (poor kid). He sat next to me for the next four hours as I lay attached to an IV drip. To be honest, I was really scared for myself. I was literally in and out of consciousness, and certain points I was pretty sure I might not have made it (if I didn't go to the ER).
&someone died a curtain next to me. Wow. Riverside hospital is so much... more... interesting than the Irvine one. I remember people talking to me, and a nurse telling Yanbo I looked like I was going to pass out.. but it was okay. I'm alive! Yay! Was discharged at 8am... thank you Yanbo, and the world. 

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