Saturday, June 26, 2010

LA is the city of exotic beauty. The girls who walk on the streets are like the pebbles of a beach. Every size, every color, every style... yet it all blends together.

What can I say? I love LA. Something about the way 626 boys smile. Every single boy from there has the most charming smile, lighting up the room. Nothing like the 949/714.

But Norcal men are interesting as well. Every single one has a certain "spark" to them, a type of wholehearted love of (something) that is unique and can't be found in southern California. It's an American beauty, the American spirit, and it's mesmerizing when I stop to think about it.

I love how beautiful the world is. The world becomes a fair, my hands, my skin, lights. I prefer the energy that is flowing through me, leaking unmistakable trances of desire into the air.

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