Sunday, June 27, 2010

I was thinking about my starter home today.
A starter home where I can move to when I'm about 25, with a job, in a safe neighborhood. I was thinking about Long Beach, since it seems to be a nice city that's not too ridiculously expensive. If I am married and if my future husband also has a job and some money saved up, perhaps we could live in a home where the down payments are about 1,500 a month for the house. I do know that comes up to about 20k a year for housing... but I think it's do-able if we live frugally. I really wouldn't mind living in a home in Riverside, as long as it had a gigantic backyard. I want somewhere my baby can run around all day happily, perhaps with his very own friend :].

I only hope the housing market remains relatively cheap in the next three years, especially Riverside. Once UCR gets a medical school, property prices will increase and (hopefully), if I have a starter home in Riverside, it will be profitable.

But I dream. I need a job, NOW... to pay off my bills.. NOW!

This way my adorable little baby will have a home :]

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