Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today is my first day of trying Project 365. I heard about it, but I thought it was just about things that made you happy.

However, I read about it and it seems that this project is more documenting your life. I think this will be very interesting, as I'm at a lot of crosswalks, and by June of next year many important decisions in my life will be made (I hope). I will have graduated (I hope), and have gotten a job (I hope), and... well that's it for now. But who knows what it holds?

REGARDLESS... This is my first day. So what is the story behind this? Well, as you guys might know, Yanbo is the fashion-expert / brand name specialist (cough cough). However, it was my lovely, wonderful friend Ashley (that I have known for 10 years! TEN YEARS!! That's half my current life!) that took me out to lunch for my birthday, at the Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA.

We ate at a place called Mariposa. It was pricey and on a Wednesday afternoon of no particular importance, there were only extremely wealthy white patrons. Old, too, but with plenty of botox and makeup to remedy. I normally wouldn't be this mean, but one of the ladies gave me the dirtiest look ever (What is this young Asian punk doing here?!). So here's to you, rude lady. Also, it's not cute when you loudly greeted your friends (of about 30 to 35) with the title, "Oh hello girls!" That was cute when you were still a sorority chick.

To the food.... expensive? I felt incredibly bad because of the price, but Ashley had an ace up her sleeve so it was alright. She had a salad that could not have possibly filled her(poached pear, brie, and arugula), and I had the Kobe Beef sliders. They were very delicious, with caramelized onion, arugula, & cream sauce.

The popovers were divine, with their strawberry butter. It tasted like strawberry cream cheese, to be honest, but either way I enjoyed it. What made this experience especially nice was our kind and attentive waiter who offered us extra popovers. He must have figured we needed some meat on our bones, haha.

I am a little sad today, though, as I discovered for the first time I have a bit of cellulite in my thighs. Oh Lord. Why did you curse me with both a tiny chest & cellulite? Life is truly unfair.

Oh, and lastly... the photo is of the take-home bag that my french fries were packed up for me in. How pretty :].

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