Monday, June 21, 2010

Today was another day spent mostly lounging around. I did pick up & drop off Ashley's little bro to work?

Anyway, this picture is from Barnes&Nobles where I dragged my little brother to today. As you can see, we stayed long enough for me to read through one book & one manga book. My brother ate the triple chocolate chunk cookie, and I had a dark cherry mocha frap, 2 shots extra coffee.

This book got me to thinking... I really do love the Warcraft series. I think one of the best presents in the world would for me to have all the books. There's like.. 12 now? But my favorite is STILL Lord of the Clans, lol. It's probably because I was such a loyal Horde, and it was so awesome having a backstory to Thrall. I mean, he was in all my quests... and I got to read about him! AHHH! &he's so COOOL! *sigh* I'm going to go back tomorrow and read more, haha.

The Wallflower series has been one of my favorite manga for a very long time. The anime.. ehh... I don't know. But I love the manga. I hope Sunako & Kyohei end up together~

Also... I asked Yanbo to send me a new picture everyday, either of him or of our cute little Dinner. Hope he does it. He's been doing pretty well with his promise that he'll call me everyday, at least once.

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