Monday, September 20, 2010

After my little scare in the hospital, Yanbo took me grocery shopping.

This is what I wanted to eat: bagels w/butter, red velvet cupcakes, Cheetos, ice cream, cookies, apples, fried chicken, bacon, and YUMMY FOOD.
This is what I got from the list I wanted:
This is what it was replaced by: 9 grain bread, lean sausage, sourdough bagette, spinach, bell peppers, peaches. and other NOT AS YUMMY FOOD.

He decided that I need to be healthy.. so he made a quick lunch. Pictured above: orange juice, milk, olive oil/vinegar dipping sauce for bread and grilled sausage, and red pepper hummus. Which, admittedly, was really yummy. I also snuck in my own treat at the end... a cup of milk&cinnamon toast crunch (and a few spoons of double chocolate gelato).

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