Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm not going to lie, I honestly dream of mooncakes. I LOVE mooncakes, but ONLY the red bean kind. I prefer mine red bean with duck egg. I'll eat black sesame... but the other kinds? No thank you :[. I can imagine all sorts of yummy ones though, someday.. some sort of mango-sago like mooncake, or pineapple bun bread type.. but none that I see. (OR I JUST CAME UP WITH THIS: Green tea mooncake. OMG.. now THAT is something I'd love to try.)

Yanbo likes lotus seed (white), so I got him that one (yes he ate it), and I'm going to cry that there's no Asian stores in Riverside that sell my beloved red bean mooncake. WHY AM I NOT IN CHINA?!

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